Our Window Cleaning Process

"Our professionals at River City use state of the art equipment and specialized cleaning solutions."

Our Process For Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning Services

  • We Scrub your windows with our hand mops and our solution of water and Glass Gleam 4.
  • We Scrape your windows to remove any haze or over-spray. (Unless the window is tempered)
  • We Scrub your windows a second time.
  • We Squeegee your windows.
  • We Detail your windows with surgical rags that leave no fibers behind.
  • We Open up the windows and wipe out all the loose dirt in the track.
  • We Remove, scrub, and replace your screens. (If screens needs to be replaced)
  • We Finally, double check that window to make sure it is as clean as possible.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will make sure your expectations are met and concerns are addressed or you owe us nothing for our services. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you don’t owe us anything until we make it right. If we can’t make it right, your window cleaning is on the house. (No pun intended) :-)

When our residential window cleaning specialists show up at your doorstep they will introduce themselves and go over what services they will be performing. Before coming inside they will place booties over their footwear, lay rugs below window frames to protect your flooring, and place pads at the tops of their ladders to protect all wall surfaces.

Our experienced residential window cleaning specialists will ensure each and every window is hand-scrubbed and squeegee dried, and that all edges and frames are wiped clean in order to prevent streaking and spotting.

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